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طرح دو معماری - مدرسه هنر و معماری

طراحی معماری با هدف آشنایی با مفاهیم ، تعاریف فضا و عوامل مؤثر بر طراحی ... Architectural Design 2

پایان نامه طراحی "دانشکده معماری"

Diplom work - Architectural faculty

Project - architectural faculty building
Location -Konstantin Velichkov Blvd, city of Sofia , Bulgaria 42 41' 54'' N ; 23 17' 46'' E
Type of Project - educational ,faculty building
Design Parameters - two storey detached building , gross area 6000 sq.meters , low-energy house , reinforced concrete floor slabs
Design Approach - patching the urban cavity
Building program - 6 studios, 6 main lecture cabinets ,4 laboratories ,4 cabinets,library,main lecture hall,common space.
Tools/Programs- CAD and 3D Modeling - Allplan Nemetschek

Some pictures from the boulevard/the building is in site that now is populated with illegal buildings/:


Here is the site:  


Some schemes about the main building guidelines:  


Some vizualizations of the building:



1.Step ONE
The first thing that most impress me in the site is the boulevard and all the automobile traffic rithum.I can't describe it with words but its some kind of urban atmosphere -starting,stoping,beeping traffic in the edge of the "traffic jam" but still keep moving - I like that kind of dinamic urban experience.I dicide to build in the genetic of urban traffic fabric and dynamic.I used the environment boulevards structure for vizual and functional framework.I dicede that the facade design must be dynamic and machinery looking /this renders are "remake",in my first renders the building was with black and white colours ,but so many people said that its non-human and I change the facade material/.
To be continued..............


2. Step TWO
One important thing on the site is the church "St.Petar and Pavel" and the park after it.The building is between the church and the quarter with prefabricated apartment buildings from the 80's.The cabinets that are looking toword the church/the bulding that all the things are pointing / are architectural studios.
To be continued.....



In between - some photos of the phisical model /Scale 1:1000/


Step THREE: Patching the urban cavity
When the illiegal buildings will be removed - there will be a urban hole/cavity/ in transition space between the boulevard and the green strip by its side ,the park and the "socialistic qarter"/we call the building that are from prefabricated concrete panels -they have volume-space composition like Early - modernistic siteplans/.What is the result?Volumes that continue the row and make the transition.Because the plot is too large - I use just the place near to the church and park.The another two buildings are for office use , but I just sketch them as urban parameters.


I think chris makes a good point, there doesn't appear to be a big move in your project, just a series of responses and reactions. The renders look good at face value but I don't believe you have resolved the design.

What caught my eye was the poor landscape design that completely blocks what you have described as important desire lines across the front of your building.

I also find the black and white physical model to be quite jarring - in oppositions to some of your thinking "patching / repairing" urban design approach.



Some interior pictures:


Here is one more image from the frontal facade from the boulevard.







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